maandag 28 augustus 2017

"The Ashes of London" by Andrew Taylor

"The noise was the worst. Not the crackling of the flames, not the explosions and the clatter of falling buildings, not the shouting and the endless beating of drums and the groans and cries of the crowd: it was the howling of the fire. It roared its rage. It was the voice of the Great Beast itself."

A historical mystery novel that takes place during and after the Great Fire that destroyed most of London in 1666. In the ruins of St Paul's cathedral, a body is found. Not burned to death, but clearly murdered. Young James Marwood tries to solve the mystery, but is caught in a web oflies and deceit.

Taylor includes a lot of historical detail, which makes for a great historical novel, but I thought the mystery itself wasn't really very involving. I found it a bit slow, as well. Still, a good read and I might try out some more of the author's works.

Author: Andrew Taylor
Title: The Ashes of London
Publisher: Harper, London
Year: 2017 (orig. 2016)
Number of pages: 482 p. ISBN: 9780008119096

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