zondag 17 juli 2016

"Dourado" by David Wood

“It occurs to me that if I cannot understand the mind of my fellow human being, how can I ever presume to know the mind of God?”

I'm still having trouble with the idea of reading books on electronic devices and real paper books will always be the real stuff for me. But I have to say: an e-reader is very practical and it has some great advantages. There are, for example, lots of free books. Take this "Dourado", for example, the first of a series and completely free of charge. So, why not try it out?

Dane Maddock, ex-SEAL, is a treasure hunter and is hired by Kaylin Maxwell, a charming young lady, whose father was murdered when he was on the brink of discovering a ancient Biblical artefact. Maddock goes on a treasure hunt and soon finds out why some people are determined to prevent the item from being found.

"Dourado" is an old-fashioned adventure novel, full of action and with lots of twists and turns, exotic locations, mysterious characters, a bit of humour and a hint of romance. Think "Indiana Jones". Not a lot of character development, but that's not something I would expect to find in this kind of book. Fine entertainment, if a bit shallow.

Author: David Wood
Title: Dourado
Publisher: Gryphonwood Press
Year: 2015 (orig. 2004)

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