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"Blood Harvest" (Doctor Who) by Terrance Dicks

"She heard a faint rustling sound, swung round and saw a tall dark shape towering above her. Its face was white, its eyes glowed red, and it had long pointed fangs. Claw-like hands reached out towards her."

In a previous incarnation, the Doctor, along with his then-companions Romana, Adric and K9, visited a nightmare planet which was ruled by evil Lords, who turned out to be vampires. He managed to get rid of the creatures. Now, the seventh incarnation of the Doctor has dropped companion Bernice on that same planet, and she soon finds out the evil  has returned.
Meanwhile, the Doctor and his other companion Ace have settled in 1930's Chicago, where they try to broker a peace between the warring gangsters (among whom one Al Capone). Before too long, the two stories intertwine and the Doctor once again blasts into space, first to the vampire planet, and then to Gallifrey, his own home planet.

Terrance Dicks is a veteran Doctor Who author, who has writen over a dozen original Who-novels and an infinite number of episode novelisations (apart form the scrips he wrote for the original TV series). He definitely knows his stuff. This novel is exactly what you can expect from Dicks. Nothing too complex, written in easy, straightforward language and with loads of references to TV episodes. The latter I find a bit too 'nerdy' - the novel would work well without them. Still, it's fast-paced and full of action, albeit not very profound. An enjoyable romp through the world of Doctor Who.

Author: Terrance Dicks
Title: Blood Harvest (The New Doctor Who Adventures)
Publisher: Virgin, London
Year: 1994
Number of pages: 287 p.
ISBN: 0426204174

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